Terry Herald
Renaissance Hits and Near Misses

Founded in 1996, Musica Royale is a six member early music ensemble, specializing in exploring the fascinating roots of today's music. From the raucous sounds of 16th century dances to the poignant harmonies of Renaissance love songs, the group brings this wonderful music to life. The musicians of Musica Royale are multi-instrumentalists and the ensemble performs on everything from the familiar family of recorders (in a variety of sizes), harps and percussion, to more exotic instruments such as crumhorns, gemshorns , lute, viola da gamba and vihuela.

In this collection, Musica Royale has attempted to included their most requested , and most recognizable, songs and dances of the Renaissance. Many of the arrangements were done by the ensemble's Music Director, Terry Herald, but each member has made significant contributions to the way each piece is currently performed. We hope the melodies with remain as much in your memories as they continue in ours!

Musica Royale

Mary Ann Fischer - harp, recorders, crumhorns, voice

Lori Gunn - violin, rebec, percussion, voice

Terry Herald - lute, guitar, percussion, voice

David Holt - viola da gamba, recorders, crumhorns, percussion, voice

Jaime Priest - recorders, crumhorns, percussion, voice

Marian Schreiber - recorders, crumhorns, gemshorn, voic